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A Band of Brothers

By Steve Crandall, 05/05/17, 10:15PM MDT


Least we forget, lacrosse was created by warriors for warriors. Born out of the fierce Native American nations of the Northeast, lacrosse has deep roots in the warrior culture. Games were played as a kind of symbolic battle where participants could demonstrate their skill, strength, courage, and loyalty to brother and tribe. Last night, Olympus Boys Lacrosse honored that tradition during their Senior Night. Stepping onto the Titan Stadium turf for their last home game as Olympus Titans Seniors, #3 Porter Shepherd, #7 James McDougal, #9 Steele Headden, #10 Gage Fisher, #25 Connor Crandall, and #34 Chase Thatcher all walked onto the field as seasoned warriors. After years of training and conditioning their bodies, minds, and spirits, they represented the warrior ethos of discipline, control, dedication, honor, skill, and loyalty to brother, family, and tribe. Scarred and experienced from almost a decade of battle within both the youth and high school lacrosse programs, this band of brothers has been the core of the Titan Tribe this year; rallying the team when down, uniting the team when dispersed, and binding the team together as one family. They each took their role as mentors and elder brothers seriously, bringing up the next generation of Olympus Titans, teaching them the Lacrosse Warrior Code through deed and direction both on and off of the field. A group of highly skilled and motivated individuals operating independently and/or selfishly is not a team. A true team is more than the sum of its individual players’ abilities. It is a group of like-minded warrior-athletes who share one goal, one plan, one heart, one drive, and one fight. James, Porter, Steele, Gage, Chase, and Connor, you have exemplified that “oneness” time and time again this year. Your love for Olympus Lacrosse and your brother Titans is obvious. Your drive for personal and team perfection is contagious. And your leadership and example have been instrumental in the team’s success. Thank you seniors! Your contributions to the Olympus Lacrosse Program will be far-reaching. You will be remembered and sorely missed. Good luck as you move forward from here. And remember; the world still has need for warriors like you who are willing and able to do the right thing at the right time for the right reason. And by the way, Olympus Varsity beat Highland, 20 to 3. Go Titans!